The Tenancy Programme assists in providing security of tenure and land pricing to occupants who have been on lots approved by the Director of Surveys on the LSA’s designated areas and land settlement areas, before the 14th of June, 2014.

The policy of this initiative is to afford eligible persons the protection from ejectment through the shield of a short term Tenancy agreement and thereafter, a Statutory Lease and ultimately a one hundred and ninety-nine (199) year Deed of Lease.

Its implementation uses a five (5) tier system:

  • TIER 1: Investigation of Occupant’s Structure and Lot.
  • TIER 2: Investigation and Processing of Occupant.
  • TIER 3: Execution and Issuance of Tenancy Agreement.
  • TIER 4: Processing, Execution and Issuance of Statutory Lease.
  • TIER 5: Execution and Issuance of Deed of Lease.

At the Tier 2 Stage, the applicant must submit an application. The application form for the Tenancy Programme can be obtained via the following link:

At the Tier 3 Stage, the submitted Tenancy Application form is processed and once the applicant is successful the Tenancy Agreement will be executed by the Office of the Commissioner of State Lands. Following this, the Chairman of the Land Settlement Agency on behalf of the President of Trinidad & Tobago will then execute the Statutory Lease.

At the Tier 5 Stage, once the full payment of the Leasehold Price under the Statutory Lease is received by or before 30 years, then a Deed of Lease for 199 years is issued.

For further information and guidance on a Tenancy Programme application status and related matters, contact our Tenure Regularisation Unit (TRU) via phone at 299-0795 ext. 3381 or via email at