Where is the Land Settlement Agency located?

Located on Orange Grove Rd, Tacarigua.

What are the opening hours of the Land Settlement Agency?

We operate between the hours 8am to 4pm Mondays to Fridays.

What are contact numbers of the Land Settlement Agency?

We can be reached at our Main Office at 299-0795 ext. 3381 or email info@lsa.gov.tt to get further guidance and/or be updated on your particular situation or application. Kindly follow-up with the LSA Rep to ensure you get the information that you need.

What is the Land Settlement Agency?

Kindly use this link to access info on the various services that the LSA provides: https://www.landsettlementagency.com/services/ … use the drop-down arrow under the Service tab to get more details on each service. Let us know if you need any further clarification.

What is the process to request a new copy of a CoC?

The process to request a new copy of a CoC is:
(1) Make a police report (get a copy for the LSA),
(2) Get a Statutory Declaration (from a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner of Affidavit), then
(3) Come to the LSA with the copy of your police report, the Statutory Declaration and your I.D to request the copy of the Certificate of Comfort (CoC).
Further to this, if the CoC is not in your name, you will need a letter of Administration or probated will indicating that they left the residential structure to you.
Additionally, if someone else is coming on the person’s behalf they will need to have their ID and a Letter of authorisation from the CoC recipient.

What is the process to apply for a CoC?

Have made an application for a Certificate of Comfort (“CoC”) on or before October 27th, 2000; and
· have been in occupation of the dwelling house, in respect of which the application was made, on or before January 1, 1998;
Therefore any CoC application made after the 27th day of October 2000 will not be considered. Additionally, a CoC grants protection from ejectment off State lands. It does not provide any interest, right or title to the lands occupied.

PLEASE NOTE: The Land Settlement Agency (“LSA”) is governed by the provisions of the State Land (Regularisation of Tenure) Act No. 25 of 1998 and in order to be qualified for and/or granted protection from ejectment off State Lands, a bona fide applicant in respect of his/her actual occupation of a dwelling house on State Lands must, inter alia.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Land Settlement Agency is implementing a Tenancy Programme to regularize those persons who have not met the criteria under the Act and who fall within one of the developed sites of the LSA. Further information on this programme can be accessed via https://www.landsettlementagency.com/tenancy-programme/

Can I get land or a house from the LSA?

The LSA is primarily mandated to “protect eligible squatters from being ejected off State Lands; to facilitate the acquisition of leasehold titles by both squatters and tenants in designated areas, and to provide for the establishment of land settlement areas”. Any initiative we are involved in regarding assisting with land or housing distribution is done under the instructions or direction of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. As such we would advise you read more about the Ministry via its website at www.housing.gov.tt and/or to contact the Ministry via telephone # 623-4663 or emails: info@housing.gov.tt; ttministryofhousingandurbandev@gmail.com to assist with your matter.

Does LSA have any programmes that I can purchase a piece of land under?

Please note that at this time LSA only has the Government’s Aided Self-Help Housing Programme (GASHHP) on stream. You can try applying for the Government’s Aided Self-Help Housing Programme when it is advertised again and becomes available for another batch of applications for persons without land. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for any relevant updates as well.
Here’s a link to get more information on this programme: http://www.housing.gov.tt/the-government-aided-self-help-housing-programme-home/

How can I request regularization on state lands?

A request for regularization on state lands can also be made to the office of the Commissioner of State Lands:
Ms. Bhanmatie Seecharan
Commissioner of State Lands (Ag.)
Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries
Land Management Division
Roosevelt Place
Corner El Socorro Road & Jattan Lane
El Socorro North
Tel: (868) 638-5233 or 675-5547 ext. 301
Email: cosl1@gov.tt

Should you require any further information please contact the Tenure Regularisation Unit at 299-0795 ext. 3381 or 3371

How can I make a complaint?

You will need to make a formal complaint. You can do so via the following ways:
Visit the LSA’S Head Office at Orange Grove Road, Tacarigua to speak with the Clerk at the Reception area for our Tenure Regulation Unit and fill out a Client Complaint Form; or navigate to the client complaint form on the website. OR
Submit a complaint letter in writing, which can be submitted physically to our Head Office or via an email that can be sent to info@lsa.gov.tt
In the complaint, please put your full name, telephone number, address of structure, how long you and/or the person you are complaining about has been occupying the structure and a brief description of the complaint.

Can I get an update on my Government’s Aided Self-Help Housing Programme (GASHHP) Application?

Please contact our Government’s Aided Self-Help Housing Programme (GASHHP) Department via phone at 299-0795 ext. 3389 or 3840 or via email at gashhp@lsa.gov.tt to get an update on your application. Our GASHHP Personnel will do their best to assist you regarding any concerns or questions you may have.