Bon Air Gardens, 11th January, 2024

In an electrifying display of intellect and eloquence, the Land Settlement Agency (LSA) proudly hosted the National Secondary Schools Debate Competition Quarter Finals on Wednesday, January 10, 2024 at the Bon Air Gardens Community Centre. Eight schools from across Trinidad and Tobago engaged in a battle of wits, vying for the coveted opportunity to advance to the semi-finals. This, the third debate competition of its kind put on by the LSA, the last of which being held in 2017, is themed, “Be it resolved, that squatting is not a viable housing solution,”.

The quarter finalists, who would have earned there spot by out-competing a number of other registered schools in the preliminary online quiz, debated passionately, showcasing their exceptional talent and intelligence. Each team presented compelling arguments, leaving the audience and judges in awe of the depth of knowledge and articulate discourse displayed by these young minds.

After a fierce competition, the following schools emerged triumphant, earning their well-deserved spots in the upcoming semi-finals:

•             Bishops High School Tobago

•             Presentation College Chaguanas

•             St. Mary’s College

•             Naparima Boys College

The anticipation now builds as these formidable teams prepare to face off in the semi-finals scheduled for January 18, 2024 at the same venue.

The Land Settlement Agency commends all participating schools for their dedication to fostering critical thinking skills and contributing to meaningful dialogue on pressing societal issues and extends its heartfelt congratulations to the advancing teams. As the competition progresses, we anticipate even more riveting debates that will undoubtedly showcase the bright future of our nation.