To provide security of tenure to certain squatters in accordance with the provisions of the State Land (Regularisation of Tenure) Act no 25 of 1998.


To regularise certain squatters who have illegally occupied State Lands prior to January 01, 1998 and improve their living conditions as well as to prevent and contain further squatting of state lands.

Guiding Principles

To process the applications for regularisation prior to Jan 01, 1998 and to prepare statutory documents such as the Certificate of Comfort (CoCs), Statutory Leases and Deeds of Leases to provide security of tenure for eligible squatters.


To protect eligible squatters from ejectment off State Lands; to facilitate the acquisition of leasehold titles by both squatters and tenants in designated areas, and to provide for the establishment of land settlement areas”.

Overall Strategy

To partner with other State agencies to ensure containment of further squatting.

Core Goals 

  1. To regularise squatter families under an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) funded Programme. This programme has been ongoing since 2003;
  2. To provide a more streamlined programme for the execution of statutory leases and Deeds of Lease;
  3. To Partner with State Agencies to ensure the containment of further squatting on State Lands;
  4. To reduce the incidences of squatting through public education and information.